Minneapolis Charter Bus Pricing Factors

How Much Does a Minneapolis Charter Bus Cost?

Getting around Minneapolis as a group is a lot simpler with Minneapolis Charter Bus Company. We coordinate large and small scale transportation for groups of every size, so it’s never an issue for us to accommodate your group.

Charter bus and minibus rentals minimize a number of the issues you may normally face with more traditional forms of transportation. Larger groups may find public transit and rideshare apps inefficient, which is why a motorcoach rental can provide a myriad of benefits.

To give you a better idea of how much a bus rental costs, we’ve compiled a list of average prices for motorcoach rentals in Minneapolis:

Vehicle Type Per Hour Per Day
56-Passenger Charter Bus $110 – $155 $1,235 – $1,570
25-Passenger Minibus $119 – $153 $1,210 – $1,455
20-Passenger Minibus $103 – $125 $1,145 – $1,425
18-Passenger Minibus $100 – $120 $1,130 – $1,260

*The above listed prices are general estimates of motorcoach costs, are based on market rates, and will not reflect the exact cost of your rental. Charter bus and minibus rental costs vary based on a number of factors, such as:

  1. Date and time
  2. Events happening within the radius of the trip
  3. Size of group
  4. Trip distance and length
  5. Motorcoach model

**Daily bus rentals must last a minimum of 5 hours, and long-distance trips may incur additional fees for excess mileage. 

Minneapolis Charter Bus Company services customers at any time, thanks to its 24/7 support team. Ready to book your next trip? Give us a call us at 612-286-1606.

No matter where you’re from Minneapolis is sure to have attractions that you will enjoy. Check out a few of the city’s most popular attractions, below:

The Perfect Wedding

Recommended stops: Hotel-> Ambiente Gallerie Wedding Center -> Restaurant -> Day Block Event Center

Maria Lagarda is getting married, and wanted an efficient transportation solution to handle the 47 guests she has confirmed on her itinerary. Because she already had the wedding destinations figured out, she was able to book a motorcoach for the full day that would shuttle everyone to and from several locations.

Her reservation agent decided to reserve a 56-passenger charter for her group, and recommended that they book the bus for the entire day. Everyone was checked in to their hotel rooms the night before, so the motorcoach was able to transport everyone as a unit to the ceremony that afternoon.

Total: $1570
Cost per person: $34

College Campus Tours

Recommended stops: University of Minnesota -> Walden University -> Capella University-> Augsburg University

A high school in North Minneapolis wants to take it seniors on a campus tour so they can decide where they want to continue their educations. The group of 22 students had all qualified for in-state tuition and wanted to figure out which school had the best facilities, culture, and courses, so their teachers decided to book a motorcoach and coordinate a day of campus tours.

Their reservation agent booked a 25-passenger minibus for the group, and decided it was best that they book the minibus for the entire day. It’s compact size, high speed, and premium features made the minibus the perfect option for the group, and the trip went on without a hitch. They started their tour at the University of Minnesota, and from there visited Walden University, Capella University, and Augsburg University.

Total cost: $1400
Cost per person: $20

The Family Reunion

Recommended stops: Mall of America -> Minnehaha Park -> Walker Art Center-> Restaurant-> Hotel

The Johnson family decided to have their family reunion in Minneapolis, inviting 74 family members into town to enjoy family bonding. With so many people in their group, the Johnson family knew that it was best to book a charter bus and a minibus to accommodate everyone.

Their reservation agent booked them a 56-passenger charter bus and a 25-passenger minibus to handle the group’s transportation for three days. The family all decided to stay at  Days Inn by Wyndham St. Paul-Minneapolis-Midway, and from there explored a number of Minneapolis’ most popular attractions, including: Minnehaha Park, the Mall of America, Walker Arts Center, and more. The group booked the buses for three whole days, knowing that they’d be spending the majority of each day out and about.

Total: $8,700
Cost per person: $118

Plan Your Trip with Minneapolis Charter Bus Company

Motorcoach rentals prove to be some of the most efficient, affordable options on the road when traveling as a large group. It’s important that you discuss your buses features and costs before booking, as they vary drastically based on a number of factors.

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